• They are experts in their field
  • They tend to be more expensive
  • Will have many references
  • The consultants take their knowledge with them when the project ends
  • May have vendor certification
  • The consultancy selects the resources working on the project with little involvement from the client

  • A “them” and “us” divide can develop

  • Resources tend not to be multi-skilled



  • Greater control of the project, budget and timeframes
  • Investment in time will be needed to build the team with the ERP resourcing partner
  • By working with an ERP resourcing company the client can hand pick the team from a wide pool of resources
  • Effort will be needed to maintain a team mentality
  • The client can be confident they have a team in place that will complement existing resources.

  • Ability to build a team orientated approach working towards a common goal

  • More cost efficient

  • Knowledge will not leave with the consultants

The benefits of using a specialist ERP resourcing company like Springbok

A successful ERP implementation requires specialist skills and expertise. Businesses who attempt to undertake this type of project with no external support will almost undoubtedly face some difficult challenges. If you don’t want to waste time and money, we would always recommend sourcing some level of external support.

We believe that you have two options as to how you can resource the team:

Working with an external ERP Consultancy

Other things to consider are;

Resourcing the project internally

There are huge benefits in this approach, as the project team will typically be more familiar with the business and its processes. They will have a far better understanding of the business requirements and be able to recommend and implement the best possible solution.

In addition to the internal resources partnering with a specialist resourcing provider can help backfill or provide additional resources for the project.

As an example, Mizuno started an ERP implementation a few years ago and did initially engage with an ERP consulting company with the initial phase of the project. Due to a number of reasons highlighted above they decided not to continue with an ERP consulting company for the 2nd phase and instead have continued the project with Springbok. The project team is made up of internal resources and multi-skilled consultants with the desired experience and personalities.

Case study: Find out why Mizuno chose to run their project in-house with our support (Click on Implementation at Mizuno in the list of Posts).